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Somebody know where the game location save? I just want to put my old savegame from a another version in this version because i complete the game.

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Sadly I can edit my post but i googled and find the savegame is in c:/user/userprofile/appdata but i don’t have anything like that just the window 7 file. Where the heck is save this game!? Yeah i know the problem’s probably from my laptop but i would have loved to play this, Nothing happens after i escape the skidrow intro, but then again the former crack did nothing. Can I use this crack for the previous version(a new proper crack 17. Do I have change system date again or not with this crack? SKIDROW man lots of thanks for your work but plz give us a torrent link. It is easier for me to download from their.

Thanks Skidrow, The game works great, but not fixing the lag!

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And please, stop with your animation gay banner, it’s a very bad fucking idea! You know that SKIDROW doesn’t have a damn website? This site just released their releases so people like you can download off their link and they make money. Maatt456, enabled Scroll Lock and this animation not appears again. Make sure it is on always playing. Pandora’s Proper Crack still works nice though. For the ones wondering about the costumes. Shortly after progressing through story. Collect 700 comic book pages.

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They’re visible on minimap after you hit 500. Finish the game on any difficulty. Complete all the green side-missions. Complete all the blue side-missions. Don’t worry if they don’t show up after a while, they are likely to appear later again. The camera sensitivity is very slow even when I put it to maximum! How to fix this issue?

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Hey i dont know why but my game is lagging very bad and a friend had the same problem. I have a geforce 9800 GT and my friend a Geforce 560 gtx and its still lagging. For like 15 mins we can play without anything and after that the game stucks sometimes and finaly it freezes without any popup window or something else. Is there anything we could do to fix these problems? I don’t have joystick and the game doesn’t reconize the keyboard and mouse keys! I want to play using just mouse and keyboard! Happening, press ESC it just close the window. Game works perfect only problem I get is when I quit and start it up again for some reason I am unable to continue where I left off if there is a fix for this please email me.

Hey guys, i can’t set the graphics in the launcher! All the windows of the Launcher are empty. The only option i can set is the language, and, if i set the antialiasing or another, the launcher crash!.

Install the Update “KB971644” on windows update. Install special “DirectX Vista only” on the directx folder of Sleeping Dogs. And Now the Launcher of Spider-Man works correctly. And i can set all the graphics options. Hey skidrow thanks again for a great game. The game runs perfectly and plays just fine but I am like the other people here with the same problem. I got to the mission where you must go back to oscorp with the cure and what not. I saved the game or at least I thought I did.

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I got back on the game today and no continue no nothing. I checked the file that the save files go to and no files was even created. I also checked the screen shot folder again it was empty. My question is how can you fix this?

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I dont want to say nothing bad but it just seems that perhaps the crack messed with the saving of the save files? Just curious because I dont want to go and start a new game and get far in to the game then have to redo all of it over.

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Second time play, get out, get in, savegame remained there, crashes a while after. Third time play, saw a “continue” but after checking, it was the savegame from the first time I play, it continues and have the same upgrades as the first playtrough. At the last stage “lizard boss fight” when spider-man trying to remove metal plates from hunter’s body(robot) to find the serum,after removing 3-4 metal plates spider-man got stuck in the Hunter.

Please fix this bug. And sorry 4 my bad english. And, once again, Activision trolled PC gamers with an inverted camera control. Xpadder, XinputEmu and either JoytoKey can’t make this son of a bitch work properly.

Does someone have a solution? Or this will be another SHITTY Activision game that only people with an XBox360 joystick will play it without using the keyboard? Finally a SOLUTION for the problem with the INVERTED CAMERA! After that, save your profile on the xpadder (I recommend that you put in a easy place to find and a easy name too) and close the program. Look on the tray for the xpadder icon and close it. Open the game, start or load a game and wait for it to begin. ONLY THEN plug the joystick on the computer and go back to the game. I hope it works for everybody as it is working for me.

If it doesn’t work in the first try, look if you did it correctly and like I said here in the comment. If it’s really not working, unninstall the game, try to clear the registry entries and install it again. I’m using a PS2 joystick with an USB adapter for it and I’m playing the game with no problems at all. Hope it works for everybody! I installed the game n copied the eng version and crack and it open for a 2-3 min and the game closes automaticallyand says windows cant open or somthin.

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N my video card is NVIDIA GeForce 525M. SO S IT got smthin to do wth my video card.

Hi everyone i got an working crack its pandora crack its working great it will not crash. Man skidrow why the hell did you put the game in a broken iso format. First of, McAfee is not good. Secondly, most anti-virus will see cracks as viruses, especially ESET’s Nod32, which scans very thoroughly, and will see any file altering codes, which cracks have obviously. I can 100% say that this has no viruses on it. Here are where the save files are located also here is the place where u r image saves are located, the same image saves where u take photographs of different things in the game and save it.

Just cut paste the images files like the files “asm_file_slot_0_image_20. Only keep this file in the 212580 directory; “asm_save. I had the same problem when i was on chapter 12 and then my saves vanished, so do this it works pefectly! Can someone help me with the langauge. It’s in russian how can I change it to English. And advance thanks more power to you guys.

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Shockshare: part5 & part6 plugin error. In chapter 2 when a white haired lady is shown leaving the prison, the camera position freezes but the game continues to run and it become impossible to play the game. Any suggestion to solve this problem? Skidrow any fixes for this? Pls help mee i did what u said in description game is working but when i launch asm launcher iam not able to set any change / lke resoulation. Any chance you guys can upload the crack without the logo appearing every time i launch the game? I live in I n d i a does something have to do with that?

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