Мб Добавлен: 7 сентября 2017 Комментариев: 0 Понравилось: 0. Release for PES 2018, this version was planned to be released by the end of the month with a lot of new teams, but we rescheduled the release due to konami DLC update recently, we will continue to add more teams to include in future versions, please read the patch information before. Патчи PES 2017 - Файлы скачать бесплатно дополнения для pes, русские комментаторы fifa, стадионы игра pes а также Патчи PES 2017 и много полезных патчей. Скачать патч пес 2017 через торрент Скачать файл.

Скачать патчи для PES 2017 удобным способом - через торрент или одним файлом

Began a new master League. Reached the second season of the winter transfers and again the game crashes. Playing for Juventus in Serie A. Where do you send a save file of the game you are asked to send in case of crashes? You Told Me Last Time "We Add Kerala Blasters Indian Club. But You Can't add why.

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It is necessary to install in each part, click on Setup v95exe. Or only from the first part? Hi bro Thanks for your patch It's really amazing! But still find some player data are in pes2017. This version has all the updates PES 2017 does not need to download previous versions such as 9. Hola pregunto si en el pes 2017 se pueden colocar las ediciones y caras de los nuevos jugadores del pes 2018. Ya que en cuestión algunos usuarios no pueden actualizarse al pes 2018 por los requerimientos que algunas pc no cumplen.

Report error: "smoke patch 9.

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Has not been fully installed because of the following reason: download \ 002_smkdb_fa2_cpk: the system could not find the file specified. But I downloaded all parts and are in the same folder. Please do the syrian national team! Thank you for making pes 2017 a better game! I would like to inform you that some players lost their real faces like Simoes and Johanson from AEK athens. In previous edition had perfect real faces. I would like to ask if there is a way to delta install it over 9.

PES 2017 Patches PC

Or if I have to install it on top of it or can I uninstall the previous version and then install this one as I'm running low on storage right now? Why many of the top teams in the curves socks? For example Arsenal, Barca, Milan, Inter, PSG, Borussia, Liverpool. Did i lose some face,stadiums or balls if it is only 9. The patch is the most complete but have some errors previously mentioned for other users of the patch, please fix it, would be great if continue updating PES17 some of us can't play PES18.

Thanks for the patch! Los jugadores de algunos equipos. Y de seleccion tienen su rostro falso. Estaba mejor hazta la version anterior.

PES 2017 Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 SMoKE Patch RePack от xatab

Pero gracias por el parche. Please Dido will you also bring out a commentary patch that would be nice. To hear some new call names. Download \ 002_smkdb_fa2_cpk: the system could not find the file specified. But I downloaded all parts and are in the same folder. Download \ 002_smkdb_fa2_cpk: the system could not find the file specified.

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But I downloaded all parts and are in the same folder. Excellent work but I discovered one problem with patch 9. Aio the estadio da luz (benfica) its glitched there no lines and 75% of the pitch is white instead of green and one more question: can you send me the stadium ids?

PES 2017 Week Mods - April 7

The update of this patch is as PES 2018 or not? I mean the transfers and kits or theme. If no, so can we install this one on it? (PES 2017 Next Season Patch Season 17-18 [Update 11. Do i have to unistall the patch to play online?

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I can´t play online (error GNCX363), and i'm wondering if there's something i need to do or if i have to unistall the patch. Do I have to delete other patches to install this? I have to delete the folder data and folder downloads and install this patch? Am I the only one who still has first master league season 16/17 but super cup is MU-Real and players are older by one year, but still the first season is 16/17, not the new one. And also livepool is in Europa League instead of CL and Arsenal reverse.

I play Master League and after 31 December, in second season, when i click go to next day game crashes always, any fixes for this without starting master league all over again? An excellent patch however the shadows in many fields get too dark, it looks like the players went to the nightclub.

PES 2017 Week Mods - April 7

How can I fix this without having to raise the monitor brightness? When I win league and cup there is no cup showing (premier league, primera, nos.

Also are there any issues with master league stopped working after season or two? Boa tarde admins, instalei o Patch corretamente, mais os Jogos não iniciam, ficam carregando infinitamente. Tentei entrar na Copa Libertadores e não consigo, tem solução esse erro? I have a problem with the faces of the players from France at the time of playing the matches.

PATCH PES New Patch Pro Evolution Soccer

PLease fix ML crashing all the time in the next update. Patch is amazing just fix that so we can completely enjoy. Tem alguns erros mais já foi corrigida e está bem legal.

Eu gostaria que a próxima versão do pacth vinhe-se uma opção com os times da serie b do campeonato brasileiro. You will have to run this utility again to completely install SMoKE Patch 9.

PES 2017 Patches PC

Anybody know how to fix it? Is it necessary to download all the parts. Ive only downloaded part 1 and extracting it by winrari it is showing error "next volume is required". I have this version, but i would like to creat my own team for ML, meking my own squad, kits and other things but teams in (others Europe, where Besiktas are) are imposible to change that, how to remove the edit kit of only one team? Thanks for this patch, it's the best patch in the world but unfortunately i found a problem in the master league! Why in the selector there is no option Germany-Russia-Turkey?

I think it would be wise to have a choice of all available in the patch of European leagues. Update new faces and hairs pack for players such as D. Silva, Bellerin, Lindelof, Kolasinac, B. Help, i started ML and after season it start to crash game when i want to go in 2019 year. I have a problem when i play master league. The game stop working when i refuse de select the club's offer.

I've a fresh copy of PES 17 and I've just downloaded this patch i. Do I need to install older patches i. Hay alguna manera para desbloquear el modo editar en pes 2017 para poder editar las equipaciones del fc barcelona desde el propio juego? The basic game pes 2017, would you please shared link download pes 2017, before installed smoke?! How i unblock the edit mode in pes 2017 to be able to edit the FC Barcelona teams from the game itself? Thank you for the patch.

Buh i have a problem extracting the the patch. Hi bro, some player I cant add face like Griezmann, Valencia, Sterling. Thank you for your great work!

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I just want to ask something. AIO only but have not installed its update like 9.