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I saw a uncensored and non pixeled picture of the game so where do they have it from?

Nekopara vol 1 r18 patch

I wont post the link but it exists. Is there any uncensor patch to remove that pixelation? Like the images i’ve seen on konachan. First because the porn is actually animated in the game, second because there is no official resources to uncensor it. It would require a good amount of reverse engineering and artistic work to remove the mosaics. Too much work, not really worth it. But anyhow didn’t nekoworks anounce a fully uncut uncensored version if you purchase from outside of japan?

I don’t get the pixelation. It’s obvious what it is, it’s just like watching it in 180p. I like to think of myself as a logical thinker, and this makes no sense whatsoever.

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I understand WHAT they are thinking when they do it, I just don’t get what they hope to achieve with it except frustrating people. It’s another thing when people’s faces/eyes etc. Are pixelated to prevent their indentity. Japanese laws don’t make sense.

Dicks and vaginas are prohibited, but the butthole is fine. Ayyyy thanks for this, I just bought the game and I was immediately told to search for the patch. Hmm is it possible to get a MEGA link w/o the “chrome:/”?

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Just reinstall the patch and make sure every file was overwritten correctly. I’ve installed the patch exactly as instructed but when I try to run the game it pops up with an error message saying the executable file is missing.

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No one ever reported this error before, did you tried to install it in a clean copy of the game? Did you reinstall the patch? Of the errors can be solved by installing the patch in a clean copy.

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Also be sure that the patch extracted without errors. I found the issue, apparently Norton antivirus doesn’t play well with some of the files. A few changes and everything is working fine now. So I -believe- I did everything correctly, but upon trying to open the game from steam I have a popup that says “Invalid Character ‘Æ'”. I’m not exactly tech savvy or anything so it could be an easy fix or something I easily screwed up?

But I tried verifying my game cache.

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Should I try and reinstall the patch? This error is mostly related to a bad install or a corrupted patch.

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Most people can get it to work after a reinstall. I also have this issue, I’ve followed all steps carefully and have tried to download the patch from both the torrent and MEGA, yet it still doesn’t work I’ve reinstalled the game about four times now and I just don’t know how to fix it. Any Idea of how I can resolve this?

Switch extractors, most likely your software is at fault here. This problem is always related to missing files.

What are you using to extract the files? Some extractors have problems if you are using a japanese locale. I’m using Winrar like you recommended in the instructions, I’ll try this link and see if it’ll work, thanks for the help. So I’ve basically done that without disabling steam cloud and everything works perfectly and I even have my old saves, is that normal? Sure, disabling Steam Cloud is just an additional step that solves some problems.

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If you run into something that is indeed not normal, disable Steam Cloud and it might work. The game files are encrypted, so instead of breaking the encryption and changing them from the inside in the player’s PC, I decided to just make the files and let them overwrite. It’s easier this way because I can make everything remotely, so if I need to update the patch the server will rebuild it and cut a lot of time between uploading from my PC to the server. Ok, my game is crashing during the animation after chapter 1, and I cant find anywhere on how to fix it. You mean, crashing using this patch?

This was a common problem before but was fixed a long time ago. From the adult version.

Nekopara Vol3 18 Патч и Новости

There’s a link in the sidebar, check it out. My Rar file states that it needs a password, I went with the direct link, any help would be great thanks. AFAIK the files is not password protected. Are you using 7zip or WinRAR? Are you using the direct link or the MEGA link? Some people reported the same problem but no one tells from where they downloaded the file. I’m sure the direct link works great. I even had other servers download it and extract to see if there was any errors. I have the same problem, error when extracting the patch files to the game. What do you mean by “direct link”?

All I see is the MEGA link and the torrent link on the side bar.

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Thanks for the Help! That’s related to some recent changes in the server. Downloading the torrent will most likely work, if it doesn’t, that is a problem on your end. Turns out the MEGA link download was corrupted. It was interrupted in the middle of the download, and so it became a bad download, (most likely due to my slow computer). I redownloaded the patch and everything now works. It wasn’t the link’s fault, it’s my computer’s fault. You don’t, but you need anything that supports. Since windows can open. Zip files why would you even suggest using winrar in the first place?

Well, some people don’t even realize that. And a extractor in this day and age is really common. You also benefit from better speeds, checks and everything the software provides. Windows is pretty vanilla, but doesn’t mean you can’t use it. I get a unexepected end of archive everytime i download it what do i do? If some files are corrupted does it fix when repairing the archive? Are you using a download manager? The server was a little problematic today, so it might be related to that. Every time I try to download the patch, the download will terminate itself within minute or two.

My answer from above your comment might be what you are looking for.

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I even tested the files multiples times in the new server and they extracted without a problem. Try using alternative software, the problem must be on your browser, download manager or extraction software. Are you using Google Chrome? There are no viruses in the files, I have nothing to gain doing this. I have retried and re-downloaded the game several times and extracted the files using 7zip but when I start the game I get a black screen that just plays music.

Do you know what might be causing this? And thanks for helping people with the patch.

Nekopara Vol3 18 Патч и Новости

The game hasn’t been updated for months, so there is no reason for the patch to stop working. Did the game work fine before? This seems to be a video-related issue. I get over than 100 patch downloads daily, and no one ever reported this before.

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Actually, I even opened my game to check it, but it’s working fine. You might want to check your DirectX and video drivers, since this VN is particular is very dependent of these two things. It says my game’s script writer isn’t functioning properly when I closed the game. Did I delete something by accident? Might be the case If you didn’t delete anything vital, just extracting the patch again might solve your problem. Also the patch works better in a fresh installation of the game; if you played it before, maybe the game started acting up after you installed the patch.

Some people already reported something like this before.

Шины и диски - R18, R19, R20 - Дешево

Oh thank you I figured it out it was an issue with my computer with being able to run the game not the patch, which is strange since my computer is far superior to the minimum requirements but hey what’s a guy to do? I was wondering if this patch still keep the original translation for part without 18 or no? It just adds what was removed, but the all-ages parts are untouched. So how will i know if the patch is in use?