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Upon completion you will receive a pair of Glacial Gauntlets skin for all weight classes.

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Koda’s Blessing and Heart, Moxie, and Many Sweaters do not count as part of the meta achievement. There are two achievements in this story instance. During the step where Aurene need to find fish, run ahead and go to this little area. You will find a box of toys underwater. Interact with it and you will get the achievement when you talk to the Priory Arcanist later.

For the step where you need to save the Vigils, you need to ensure no vigil NPCs are killed by the invading Mordrems from the portals. When the first two portals spawn, do not talk to any of the vigil NPCs but instead focus on killing the first two portals. After that, you can talk to one of the Vigils to start the escort event. Doing so will allow you a chunk of time to escort the Vigil NPC without having to deal with the mobs. When the remaining two portals spawn, just focus on keeping the Mordrem mobs off the NPCs.

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You do not need to kill off the portals as the event will complete as soon as Aurene finish escorting sufficient NPCs. For the Ooze Generator Step, you need to kill all the oozes in between you and the ooze generator and lead Aurene to the Ooze generator to destroy it. For the last boss in this instance, you need to step on the big white circle while it appears and use the special action key to get Aurene to break the Mordrem’s breakbar.

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This will allow you to damage it significantly. Repeat this until it dies (may take a few rounds). You don’t need the mastery for this, just keep picking up torches from the brazier until you get one with all the skills unlocked and press F to interact with the ice block to get in.

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The only annoying part of this story step is getting the Svanir leg armor to drop, just keep killing svanirs until you get it to drop. You will need to collect 4 things: Frostbitten Suet, Fresh Winterberries, Cold-Resistance Eggshells, and Firestone. Gather them on the map, they are an excellent source of Unbound Magic when consumed. Their icons only show up on the minimap. Talk to this NPC/Heart Vendor and he will tell you to collect abandoned eggs and put them in the egg warmer. Talk to this NPC and build a shrine for the grawls. Chicken Feathers can be obtained by kicking chickens in the cave nearby.

The chickens are not marked so just look for chickens on the ground. The Flexible Sticks and Shiny Ice can be gathered from nodes in the area. Repeatedly kicking the same chicken until it explodes and down you. You will get this achievement right away. To cook the elixir, you need to use this hot spring at the marked location. The Bitter Cold is a short instance with only one boss. To kill the Champion Unstable Abomination, you have to kill larva next to him and they will explode and damage him.

He is immune to normal damage otherwise. For this achievement, make sure you don’t kill any larva unless the Champion Unstable Abomination is next to it. Each larva death takes a certain % of the abomination’s health. If you kill the larva while the abomination is further away, its death may not damage the abomination and you have therefore “wasted” a kill. This is the last story instance and is quite annoying with all the veteran mobs that hits like trucks. There are two achievements for this instance and they all have to do with the last boss.

The Champion Ice Beast is immune to 99% of player damage due to a buff on him. To remove this buff, you have to kill off all the minions which are also immune to 99% of the player damage.

What you need to do is to stand behind the minions/servants and let the Ice Beast charge them at them. This will kill off the servants. Once all the servants are dead, interact with a newly spawned scroll and Braham will fire an arrow from his new bow that will remove the beast’s buff. Whenever the beast charges, it will have an arrow teleport in front so make sure you position yourself behind some servants whenever you see that arrow. Kill the beasts within 5 mins.

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You basically need to waste no time in killing these servants by letting the beast charge them. Avoid getting frozen during the battle with the Beast. The frozen seems to come from the ice rock that Rox was encased in so avoid that ice rock during the fight. The Beast sometimes has a frozen attack as well that you need to avoid. Very expensive achievement, need about 950 Globs of Ectoplasm and 210 gold minimum but rewards an infusion with an aura. On acquiring all 19 chests for the achievement. Bring Aurene sourviers from Tyria.

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Must have done Precocious Aurene story instance. Once you have all 7 items, use your Exalted Portal Stone to teleport to Aurene instance and give her all 7 items to complete the achievement. Sovereign Weapon Vendor next to Crown Pavilion Waypoint in Divinity’s Reach for 1 gold. Weaponsmith by Hero’s Waypoint in Black Citadel for 1 gold. Karma vendor south of Eastern Watchpost Waypoint for 7000 karma. Vendor south of Magustan Court Waypoint in Rata Sum right next to the Arcane Council entrance.

Karma vendor NE of Reckoners’ Waypoint in The Grove. You need to participate in the event chain with Agent Livilla that is east of Doric’s Waypoint.

A Crack in the Slab

You must tag the event and she will sell stuff to you as a vendor. You can buy it for 1 gold.

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Event chain respawn every 15 mins and starts with killing the undead chicken coops and ends with killing the Inquest Ornithologist. Purchase it from the vendor at the entrance. Check back at close to the end/start of the hour if your map is not at T1. Use the Thermal Tube just south of it and glide midway. On top of the frozen waterfall. Found on the path leading up to the vista, need to do a small jumping puzzle to get it. From the third stanza, use the Thermal Tube nearby to shoot yourself across to the little hidden lake north of the Hot Springs.

You can also climb there if you don’t have access to the Thermal Tube or starting from somewhere else.

A Crack in the Ice

Jump in through this crack in the ice and you will find the quaggan at the bottom near the big rock. Jump through the crack in the ice near this sixth quaggan and you can find him near the bottom next to the wall. This quaggan is on top of the Sanctuary on the roof. To reach this guy, first get on the vista and then just run across the roof to him. Craft your own Mini Aurene with this achievement. To craft this on your own you will need 5000 Unbound Magic and 450 crafters but you can also buy the components off the trading post. First you must have Koda’s Flame mastery. Then walk up to a Flamebearer near one of the Kodan Braziers not too far from the entrance of the zone.

You will need to purchase and learn all 5 skills which requires 250, 500, 750, and 1000 Unbound Magic for the last 4 skills.

This will cost you a total of 2500 Unbound Magic. After that talk to the Flamebearer again and go through all the dialogue options (don’t need to listen to him talk) for the achievement.

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This is a rather easy achievement to do but requires a character that does not have the Cold Resistant buff. You will need to run your character to the NE corner of the zone into the Bitter Cold region. Over there you will get a stacking Bitter Cold debuff that deals increasing damage.

A Crack in the Slab

You just need to not be complete dead at 20 stacks and you will get the achievement. If you are really struggle to get the achievement, bring a Revive Orb. You will die and get revived with 20+ stacks by the revive orb and get the achievement instantly.